Monday, January 5, 2009

In the beginning...

I'm not much of a blogger so we'll see how long this lasts... :)

I decided to start a joint blog for my husband, Donovan, and myself to document our lives as newlyweds, whatever that documentation may be. I'm pretty straightforward and Donovan is more, shall we say, deep. So there could be quite a contrast between our posts if we both decide to use this.

Here goes nothing.

I've spent the last three or four days of my life in organization mode. As a newlywed (three months in!) I've started nesting, which is weird and wonderful all at once. My husband, Donovan, and I are in the process of making a rented condo into our home, despite the fact that we'll be moving on when our lease is up in August.

I spent hours on design/decorating blogs this past weekend getting inspiration. It made me realize that before we can even begin to figure out what sort of mood we want for our home I have to get organized and get the junk out of here. I spent most of the daylight hours of saturday in my pajamas cleaning, throwing away stuff that's been sitting in boxes for years (I have been SUCH a pack-rat and I refuse to let that continue!), and consolidating. I got quite a bit done and while there is still to so much to do I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We finally bought a dresser tonight. Or put one of hold, that is. Barring any obstacles, we should be the owners of a dark walnut finish dresser on Saturday! We can finally clear the piles of clothes of our love seat and, more importantly, we will finally feel like our place is presentable enough to have invite people over...since it seems everyone wants to see the place and I have been scared, thus far, to let them in since there was so much clutter. Thank you to Donovan's parents for this much needed wedding gift that will finally start to bring this place together!

Here's to the coming days, months, and years of my life as one half of a whole. I can't wait.


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